Megan with Kutus Kutus Oil

Aren’t you tired of the daily life aches and pains that appear for no reason?

What if you could reduce them naturally with oils and massages? Тhat would be great, wouldn’t it?

Very often even when you don’t notice a reason for these pains, there is always one that causes them.

But before I tell you that reason, let me ask you something:

How much do you know about your Chi energy? And what about the chi-deficiency? 

I’ll tell you more about that later.

Now, let me introduce those two phrases “Chi energy” & “Kutus Kutus oil”. 

Kutus Kutus oil
Let nature heal you. Kutus Kutus.

Keep them in mind and later in the articles, you’ll see what they have in common with your everyday aches and pains and how they can help you to reduce the discomfort.


Then let’s go.

What does Chi energy have in common with the daily pains & aches you experience?

Chi energy. The core of your life. 

It flows as a natural energy system in the body and one of its functions is to control your blood circulation that provides your body with nutrients and minerals.

It’s your life force energy that balances your health and makes you feel better day by day.

However, environmental changes like lack of:

  • Sleep
  • Food
  • Clean water
  • Fresh air

and other physical elements that your body needs can cause chi-deficiencies.

When this happens, your body loses its ability to function at full speed and the consequences are daily pains and aches.

You can blame the chi-deficiency also for your fatigue, brain fog, irritability, hormone imbalance, pain, muscle weakness, depression, cramping, etc. 

But don’t worry!

There are natural ways with which you can restore the balance in your body and improve your systems.

The solution is simple – you need rest & recovery.

Try prioritizing your sleep and avoid being tired. Be active & build new hobbies that encourage movement and stretching to help your blood flow throughout your body.

A great way to start is to try some yoga asanas that will make you feel better right after practice. 

Or just stay in peace and enjoy the moment with a relaxing meditation.

Of course, still, the best way to relax your body and get rid of the muscle pains and blockages is a massage.

The massage is beneficial when you not only relax your muscles but you also influence your Chi energy. And this result happens when natural oils are used during the massage.

Оne such is Kutus Kutus Essential oil – all it’s five elements are represented in every bottle and combined to deliver your well-being.

You never heard of it? Let’s learn more about this onerous essential oil and its benefits.

What is Kutus Kutus oil and how it can help you with your chi?

Kutus Kutus Oil
Get your bag of Kutus Kutus oil.

Kutus Kutus oil is a combination of a diverse mixture of plants, roots, bark, herbs, leaves, stems, spices.

All those ingredients are specially processed and blended to produce the most powerful healing energy from nature.

And as you know nature has the solution to every problem, right?

Human history shows that the closer you are tо nature, the healthier you will be.

And that’s exactly why the Kutus Kutus oil is so beneficial for you. 

It has the property to activate your Chi energy and to fasten the body’s own innate healing process.

This means that you improve your body balance and health with the help of Kutus Kutus oil’s organic blend.

Kutus Kutus oil
Kalila Kalila body bar –  close to nature, gentle on your skin. Check our store for more information.

Here are some of the oil’s ingredients:

  • Ashitaba – a plant that neutralizes all toxins in your body.
  • Neem – used in sacred medicine.
  • Purwoceng – famous with its property to increase hormone fluctuations 
  • Temu Lawak –  an overall tonic herb for internal health problems
  • Lawang – to boost your immune system 
  • Pule – neutralizes negative emotions and strengthens your bones
  • Gaharu – helps you get rid of stress and depression.

You see how diverse the ingredients are. Made from 69 kinds of herbs and plants, Kutus Kutus oil has assisted in balancing many conditions.

Let’s now look at some of them.

What pains, aches, and conditions the Kutus Kutus oil can deal with

FremantleMarket 6
Megan at the Fremantle Market.

Reduce your stress level

Using the essential oil for massage will provide emotional balance for your body. Kutus Kutus oil helps you to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression.

Getting rid of those negative emotions will improve your Chi energy and consequently, you won’t feel that annoying aches and pain in your daily life.

Recover your body from muscle pains after sport activities

Massaging certain parts of your body will fasten the healing process after physical activity while stimulating all your organs for optimal functionality.

  • Tingling
  • Painful joint
  • Sprain
  • Backache
  • Neck strained
  • Muscle pain & seizures, swollen muscles

Reduce your skin problems

Thanks to its organic nature, Kutus Kutus oil accelerates the regeneration process of the skin and improves its looks.

Effectively help with dry or scaly skin conditions. 

And here is one hint from me:

Applying Kutus Kutus Essential oil

Massage with the right essential oil
A gentle massage to activate your chi.

With gentle and light massage you can activate your Chi energy and overcome the daily discomfort.

Massage the essential oil into the skin:

  • Along the spine (from the neck to the base of the spine ) – take care of your nervous system by massaging the area for several minutes.
  • In the soles of the feet – improve your blood circulation and maintain balanced health of your body 
  • Throughout the rest of the body where you feel need for relief

You will feel the full capacity of benefits between 1 – 7 days. To achieve good results it is recommended to use it constantly for up to 2-3 months.

In essence

Тhe balance of Chi energy will restore the harmony in your body. That means you can enjoy life at full speed without the daily discomfort caused by muscle pains, blockages and negative emotions.

Kutus Kutus oil – the powerful combination of plants, roots, bark and herbs, activates your Chi energy and helps you to maintain a balanced and healthy life.

Тake advantage of this treasure of nature and feel its benefits immediately after use.

Shop now and share your impressions later.


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