Know your feet

When we hear the word foot reflexology, some would just assume that it is a kind of massage with vague benefits. However, more and more Australians are getting into the hype as they find that the pressure points applied on the feet, hands and ears in reflexology offer a range of health advantages.

The sole to your soul

Come to think of it, our feet get the most abused every day. We stand, walk, run, jump, climb – and more! The benefits of foot massage are many and while there isn’t hard evidence to its benefits, more and more patients and practitioners are claiming that foot reflexology can successfully improve your mental and emotional health.

Your feet have more than 15,000 nerves alone! That’s why the effects of foot reflexology are so calming and soothing. Working the areas on your feet will have a direct impact on the nervous system, glands, and organs, helping you to feel and look your best.

What are the benefits of foot reflexology?


Foot reflexology can induce a state of calm as it opens and provides the nervous system with neuron activities. It can also cure sleep disorder since it lets you get back your normal rhythm. 

Reduce stress and anxiety

With the help of Kutus Kutus oil and applying it to specific pressure points along the feet and even the hands and ears, the body will feel better and more relaxed. According to a study about reflexology, those who have received 15-minute foot reflexology have lower levels of anxiety than those who did not.

Boost blood circulation

This is the most popular known benefit of foot reflexology. Poor blood circulation can lead to hypertension and even to the hardening of the arteries and varicose veins. When you regularly practice foot massage, the blood together with the supplied oxygen can circulate more efficiently throughout the body optimizing metabolism functions as it reaches vital organs. 

Increase in metabolism

If you are feeling lethargic or just want to increase your energy, a good foot reflexology together with Kutus Kutus oil can help in improving the functions of your organs.

Eliminate body toxins

Continues foot reflexology treatment can also improve bladder function and reduces possible issues in the urinary tract. Since reflexology aids in the improvement of your blood circulation, this can also result in a more efficient elimination of toxins which protects you from possible health conditions.

Other known benefits of foot reflexology are: 

  • Reduce headaches
  • Lessen menstrual and labor pain
  • Relief from colds
  • Relief from postoperative pain
  • Promote healing
Foot reflexology and Kutus Kutus Oil
Foot reflexology and Kutus Kutus Oil

Foot Reflexology and Kutus Kutus Oil?

It is said that the center of our body’s energy path is in the sole of the foot even medical experts say that the health of our internal organs lies in the soles of our feet.

Keep your feet flexible and strong by giving them the massage they deserve with foot reflexology. Massaging Kutus-Kutus oil into the soles of the feet can generally improve blood circulation and increase fluidity that can help in healing organs and result in maintaining better health for the human body.

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Kutus Kutus Oil good for foot reflexology
Kutus Kutus Oil

How to do Foot Reflexology using Kutus Kutus Oil?

We all want a night of good rest. Incorporating a 15-minute foot massage to your routine can do wonders. How does it work? Using your thumb or index finger, simply press for five seconds on a pressure point on your feet. Below is a few examples.

  1. Apply Kutus Kutus Oil on your feet and press or lightly knead your foot to have it relaxed. Press and hold your thumb on the solar plexus point of your foot for 5 seconds. Holding your thumb on the solar plexus can aid in the relaxation and peacefulness as it targets the diaphragm. You can also press other conforming reflex point for particular body areas that you need to alleviate from stress.
  2. Do a thumb-walk from the bottom of the foot going to the base of the heel and to each toe. Press the reflex points which you want to target using your thumb for five to ten seconds. Repeat the same procedure with your other foot.
  3. Do some breeze strokes on your foot. Using a small amount of Kutus Kutus Oil to the affected area and massaging it until the oil is absorbed into the skin can promote into total relaxation and is very soothing to the nerves. The hypothalamus area. This controls appetite and thirst and can be stimulated outside of big toe.

 The pituitary or “master gland”. This balance and activates hormonal secretions of all other glands and can be massaged at the centre of the big toe.

Thyroid. This regulates your metabolism and can be reflexed at the bottom of the big toe.

Adrenal glands. This helps in maintaining your energy levels to burn off calories and can be adjusted near the inner edge of the foot at the center sole.

Colon and intestines. When stimulated near the bottom of the foot at the centre sole can promote in relieving and in the elimination of bloating.

foot reflexology

What to Expect with Foot Reflexology

The aim of doing foot reflexology is to release stress in the nervous system and unwanted toxins in the body. You can aim in general areas or you can focus on a specific area. Keep in mind though that reflexology is not a cure or a medical treatment to any specific ailment. Although it has been used for centuries, it should only be considered as a supplemental treatment. Your body may respond differently than others, and you may not even notice any difference in your first attempt.

Find a therapist in Australia focusing on foot reflexology or you can practice it at home, either way, your body will see tremendous benefits especially when you regularly massage your feet. Together with the use of Kutus Kutus Oil and applying it on the right pressure points on your feet, your body can get the proper restoration it needs.