Meet The Man Behind Kutus Kutus

Mr. Bambang Pranoto is a man with a unique personality after retiring from a high powered international position he decided to reside in Gianyar, Bali so he could spend more time meditating.

During this time an unfortunate event occurred while Pranoto was looking for kangkung vegetable leaves in the rice fields to cook, he fell into a ravine.


This accident resulted in paralysis of both legs. Rather than let this incident slow him down, he instead chose to use his time to focus on meditation. From the meditations came a vision around a healing oil. With help from friends Pranoto began gathering various medicinal plants and several other ingredients for blending, from this came the healing oil we now know as Kutus Kutus.


Pranoto used the oil on his paralyzed legs daily and experienced a complete recovery through regular use of oil. Pranoto began sharing the oil to friends with ailments. When he saw and heard the testimonies of his friends who also experienced healing after using the oil, he decided this amazing gift should be shared with the world


The origin of the discovery of Kutus Kutus Oil came from a disaster that brought blessings to Bambang Pranoto and many people today.

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