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Lawang Oil

One of the 69 plants that’s goes into kutus kutus oil, as I study more of what goes into this amazing blend of oils Im discovering a whole new plant world right under my nose .

Over 400 years ago, a villager discovered that by rubbing a leaf from the tree on his skin brought soothing effects within minutes. It wasn’t long before they discovered the art of distilling the oil from the leaves and bark of this plant, becoming known as Lawang Oil. Jungle Balm – Lawang Oil is a naturally derived essential oil from a tree and is thus impossible to artificially replicate. Lawang Oil very rare indeed!

The oil is traditionally used for arthritis & rheumatism. Wonderful to use as a massage oil for sport related injuries, as it helps to move lactic acid build up in the muscles.  It also helps to relieve the pain and itching of insect bites. As a general pain reliever, it helps address headaches, nerve, muscular & joint pain. This would explain why so many people are getting relief from the Kutus Kutus for such ailments.

Rubbed up the spine the oil will  help to release energetic blocks, if required a spinal compress with the oil can be applied for that purpose.

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