Kutus Kutus Essential Oil

Far from the madding crowds of beach Bali, amongst the soft swish of rice-field waters, lies an amazing plant bounty.  Now these healing names, familiar to older generations, have found their way into a remarkable new wellness oil called Kutus Kutus Organic Herbal Healing Oil.

Kutus Kutus Oil Humble Beginnings

It all started from a small village located in Gianyar Regency, Bali in 2013.

Servasius Bambang Pranoto suffered an unfortunate accident after falling heavily. His body was severely injured, and while resting,  he used his local plant knowledge to create The Kutus Kutus oil, connecting into the belief that we can create healing energy from nature.

His friends, seeing its healing effect, then requested he make it for them, and so the word spread.

Naturally sourced and beautifully organic, it’s designed to provide a prescription from Mother Nature for today’s roll call of health woes.

Wellness and Herbal Oil Recipe

Kutus Kutus oil for Wellness

Kutus Kutus Oil Organic Herbal Healing Oil from Indonesia is made from 49 different types of native herbal plants. Then it is set in a traditional recipe, traced back to the Majapahit kingdom, which includes coconut oil and combined essential oils. This results in a harmonious blend of herbal medicine and aromatherapy treatment. The herbal medicines act as a healing agent, and the aromatherapy can be used to pacify the body.

There are two exacting philosophies involved in the selection of these wellness herbs:

  1. The theory of “The five sections of the Tree of Life.” This means that
    every part of a tree: the roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruit “must undergo synergy.”
  2. The philosophy of combining the “Two Natural Elements,” being Water and Fire.

New Wellness Oil Effects

The name Kutus means eight in Balinese – a number associated with the ancient philosophy of uninterrupted and never-ending energy flow. Kutus Kutus itself adds up to an unbelievably powerful 88, said to promote super healing vibrations to both body and soul.

The effect is to activate body energy known as Chi-prana that can heal the balance and health of the body naturally. Chi-prana is the most vital energy in life, which flows to the centre of Chakra or meridian paths of our body.

As the tiny islands of Indonesia were isolated, their inhabitants become very inventive in discovering the healing properties of their natural vegetation. Aching backs from stooping in rice-fields found relief with certain oils rubbed along the spine. Then came the realization that this massaging also provided relief to other ailments.  Now many of these oils have found their way into the soothing range of Kutus Kutus products.

Wellness Oil – Perfect in Today’s Busy World

Wellness oil back massage

In today’s modern world, ironically our spine is also overburdened with too much sitting, hunching over computers or bending into our mobiles.  Kutus Kutus Healing Oil, with its ancient roll-call of herbs and oils, has been hailed as a great source of comfort and relief for many un-cool ailments such as pinched nerves, insomnia, stress, pulled muscles and joint pain. Add in those too-much clubbing headaches or hitting the surf too hard!

There is a specific recommendation that Kutus Kutus oil is applied gently to the spinal column for maximum impact.  The backbone serves as a protector of the nerves that exist in the spine itself. The spinal cord is the cable that tunes into the human brain. In addition, the backbone controls the links to the shoulders, neck, and head, and the lower organs such as the waist, thighs, and legs. It has been found that the spinal column is also a wonderful carrier of oils to many areas of the body.

Of course, it can also be applied to any point in the body where relief is needed. Read our article Sole to Sole and find out how you can maximise the use of Kutus Kutus oil.

What Kutus Kutus Australia Thinks

As life rushes on, and our bodies feel the stresses and strains, there is a new quiet and simple healing oil solution gently moving us into wellness and well-being.  Bali, and its ancient plants, may have given us the rock-star of healing multitasking!



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