Chi is the life-giving, vital energy that unites the whole body as a balanced unit of being. Having its origins in early philosophy, chi has been likened to the yogic concept of prana, so is the same thing that all ancient cultures are talking about but using a different expression, it’s the life force in you that gives you this finite experience because when it leaves you die.

So for lack of a better word lets use Chi

Energy can be increased in a human being. Consequently, the development of chi can make an ill person robust or a weak person vibrant. More chi can enhance mental capacity too.

The concept of chi also extends beyond the physical body, to the subtle energies that activate all human functions, including emotions and thought. Unbalanced chi causes your emotions to become agitated and distressed. Balanced chi causes your emotions to become smooth and more satisfying.

From the perspective of thought, when your mental chi becomes more refined it enhances your creativity at all levels–art, business, relationships, child rearing, etc.

Spiritual chi makes it more possible for us to personally enter into states of consciousness, and show you your isness (once again for lack of a word).

Qigong, tai chi, Yoga whatever turns your experience into one that you enjoy and leaves you with a sense of adventure will help you to develop subtle chi-energy, not as an idea but rather lead you to directly feel and experience what this is in your body.



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