Holistic practices in spiritual healing

Holistic medicine is a kind of healing that takes the body, spirit, mind and emotions of the person into account for the quest of total health and wellness. The primary goal of these holistic practices and alternative therapies is to gain proper balance in life in all aspects through physical, spiritual and emotional being. Here we will discuss the different types of healing one can achieve and how it can affect your overall health. 

Holistic Practices in Natural Healing

Chi is the life-giving, vital energy that unites the whole body as a balanced unit of being. Having its origins in early philosophy, chi has been likened to the yogic concept of prana, so is the same thing that all ancient cultures are talking about but using a different expression, it’s the life force in you that gives you this finite experience because when it leaves you die.

So for lack of a better word let’s use Chi

Energy can be increased in a human being. Consequently, the development of chi can make an ill person robust or a weak person vibrant. More chi can enhance mental capacity too.

The concept of chi also extends beyond the physical body, to the subtle energies that activate all human functions, including emotions and thought. Unbalanced chi causes your emotions to become agitated and distressed. Balanced chi causes your emotions to become smooth and more satisfying.

From the perspective of thought, when your mental chi becomes more refined it enhances your creativity at all levels–art, business, relationships, child-rearing, etc.

 Chi makes it more possible for us to personally enter into states of consciousness, and show you your isness (once again for lack of a word).

Qigong, tai chi, Yoga whatever turns your experience into one that you enjoy and leaves you with a sense of adventure will help you to develop subtle chi-energy, not as an idea but rather lead you to directly feel and experience what this is in your body.

Holistic Practices in Energy Healing

Holistic practices in quantum touch
A reiki session in place.

Energy healing is the Japanese tradition known as Reiki which started around the 1800s. It involves transferring the universal energy of the practitioner’s palms to their client.

Although Reiki has been used for centuries now, it is still hard to prove the effectiveness of the process scientifically. Those who receive energy healing though, claim it works. A survey made in the U.S. showed 1.2 million adults tried energy healing or similar holistic practices at least once. There are even around 60 hospitals offering Reiki services to its patients.

What is Reiki?

Reiki comes from the Japanese words “rei” and “ki” which means universal and life energy. Those who practice energy healing allows energy flow in the body where the injury is incurring.

Reiki sessions

During a reiki session, the patient can sit on a chair or lie on a table, fully clothed. The practitioner will begin by placing their hands lightly on the target area for five minutes. The hands can be placed in 20 different areas of the body.

The transfer of energy takes place as the practitioner’s hand is still on the body of the client. The practitioner will move on to the next position as soon as the practitioner feels that the client’s energy has stopped flowing.

Holistic Practices in Quantum Healing

“Where thought goes, energy flows.” This is the fundamental concept of quantum healing which is also known as cellular healing. Quantum healing has the ability to change the condition of your body regardless of age, body type and health status.

Our body constantly changes in shape and functioning as we grow older, thousands of these cells are constantly being renewed. However, as we also develop throughout our life, our cells reflect how we feel.

If we remain positive in life, our mind and soul, and even our body emits healthy vibration and creates more cells of the same. However, if it is the opposite, our cells create unhealthy vibration and make more cells of the same. If we continue to emit negative emotions. Stress may persist and illness develops. But if we work on those negative emotions and change our feelings to good, it will return to its natural state.

Kutus Kutus Essential Oil
Kutus Kutus Oil provides help where it is needed

Quantum healing and Essential Oils

Just like Natural healing, Quantum healing uses life-force energy to facilitate healing. Quantum touch techniques as in the practice of yoga will allow you to learn different breathing techniques and body awareness positions.

A good use of quantum healing is its ability to create a high frequency of life-force energy.  Making high energy around the area where pain, stress, inflammation and even disease occurs, then amplifying it so that the body can heal itself.

Quantum touch, as what practitioners call it, provides healing energy to the person who wants healing. A combination of Kutus Kutus essential oil and quantum touch may provide relief to the area.

Holistic Practices in Spiritual health 

Holistic practices in yoga
Practice yoga and improve your spiritual health.

Most of us want to live a purposeful life. When we do lead one, it puts our life in harmony. So how can one of these holistic practices improve our wellness? It is best to check what technique suits you. Spiritual health mostly involves our beliefs, values and purpose. This can be achieved both physically and mentally.


Doing yoga can help you improve your spiritual health by reducing emotional and physical strains to both your mind and body. Practising yoga also has the ability to lower stress level and blood pressure, reduce depression, fatigue, insomnia and anxiety while boosting your immune system.

You can also practice yoga anywhere in Australia. Check out Megan Walsh Wellness as they provide world-class teachers to help you progress in mind, body and heart.


Devoting some time to connect with yourself whether it is in the morning when you wake up, at lunch break, or before you go to sleep, a five to 10-minute meditation each day can do wonders. A combination of meditation and relaxation will free your mind off your worries. This will also allow you to create better spiritual health.

Practice positive thinking in holistic practices
Eliminate negativity and stay positive.

Positive thinking

When you eliminate negativity and re-frame how you view things and situations, you will notice a difference in you. Suddenly, you will be more relaxed, at ease and happier. Focusing your energy on more positive things will create a healthier you inside and out.

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